2011. június 25., szombat

Festival of Light/A Fény Ünnepe

Ahogy mondtam korábban, jön egy rövidített változat a lányom élményei szerint angol nyelven.

I would like to thank for my daughter the english translation.

"Festival of Light/ Composed with Light
Light celebration at the Dobó Square
Eger 2011.

In 2011 18th of June the mainsquare of my Hometown Eger gave place for a very special event. This event was organized by the House of Art of Eger, which succesfully won a tender not so long ago and therefore started a new project. This house is following the work of the famous hungarian light and visual art composer György Kepes. One of the events called the Festival of Light. The whole show was running 4 hours long. It started at 21:30 and ended at 01:30 pm. During the show the audience could see sand animation, light art on the temple with electronic music, and could hear an ambient concert by the ScArt band.

This was followed by a ballet performance. These dancers used a Laserharp during their dance too (not like JM’s, but it’s working on the similar way). The last part was a lasershow which was given by the Lasertheater of Budapest."

 The keyboardist from the ScArt band. This group use real soundsamples from space which were recorded by the Nasa sometimes the soundsamples were changed and modified, sometimes they are in their original state.

Ballet with laserharp...the special thing is that the computer choose the soundsamples in random mode. not even the artist could know how it will be sound during the performance. there isn't two similar performances only the main music is invariant.

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